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Search for Inspec records. All successful searches are added to the Search History table. Remember to follow all applicable search rules when creating your search queries.

  1. Go to the Current Limits section of the page to select a different timespan to search.

  2. Enter your search terms in one or more of the following search fields. Click the Add Another Field link to add more search fields to the Search page.

  3. To restrict your search, select one or more languages, document types, and/or treatment types.

    Note To select more than one item, press the Ctrl key (Windows®) or the Command key (Macintosh®) as you click each item.

  4. Click Search.

Add Another Field

  1. Click the Add Another Field link to add a new search field to the Search page.

  2. Click the Down arrow that appears at the end of the new field to display a menu.

  3. Select the needed field from the menu. For example, select Address, Document Type, Title, or any other field that appears in the list.

  4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 to add additional fields.

  5. Begin entering your search terms in the new field(s).

Search Language

All searches must be in English even if you select Chinese Simplified as the interface language. The results of your search are always in English.

Search Order Precedence

Click here for information about search order precedence.


Do not use field tags in search fields. The use of field tags is not supported and will cause unpredictable retrieval of results. If you wish to use field tags in your search, go to the Advanced Search page where field tags are allowed.

Did You Know ...

The default search limits are:

Selected limits stay in effect until you clear them by clicking the Clear button.

Inspec Archive

Certain fields do not exist in the Inspec Archive - Science Abstracts 1898-1968: Address, Numerical Data, Chemical, and Astronomical Object. If you search by any of these fields, you will not retrieve records from the archive.