Refine Results Panel

You can narrow the results of your search by using any of the Refine Results options such as:

  • Web of Science Categories
  • Research Areas
  • Authors
  • Publication Years
  • Source Titles

Select one or more check boxes, and then click Refine to display records of articles within the selected results. The most frequently occurring items appear at the top of the list.


Search Within Results For 

To filter or reduce results on the Results page, enter a Topic query in the Search within Results text box, and then click Search. This search returns only those records in the original set that contain the topic term(s) you enter. The search terms may appear in any order within a retrieved record.

To search for an exact phrase within the results, enclose the phrase in quotation marks.

All searches are added to the Search History table.


Conference Proceedings Information

If the product finds records of conference proceedings, it will display the conference title, date, and location in the Conference Information field below the Author(s) field.

In the Source field, the system displays the title of the conference publication followed by the book series title (if available), volume number, page range, and publication date.

You must have a subscription to one or both Conference Proceedings citation indexes to search for and to view conference records.


Create Citation Report

The Create Citation Report link appears under the Sort by menu. Click the link to go to the Citation Report page where you can view aggregate citation statistics for the current set of marked records. You can add records to your Marked List from the Results and Full Record pages.

Did You Know ... This link does not display for searches that contain more than 10,000 articles. If your search retrieves more than 10,000 records, then the following message displays: Citation Report Not Available [?]


Records and Subscription Depth

The number of records in each article group is derived from all years of Web of Science Core Collection, which is 1900 to the present. Your subscription determines the actual number of records you may view. 

For example, a group may contain 50 records of articles published between 1977 and 2016. Ten of the articles were published between 1977 and 1985. If your subscription covers 30 years of data, then you will be able to view 40 of the 50 records--the records of articles published between 1986 and 2016.