Author Record

An author record is a set of articles likely authored by the same person. Author records are generated by a proprietary algorithm that identifies and weighs shared data elements such as author names, institution names, and citing and cited author relationships.

These records are listed in order of size; the group with the largest number of articles is at the top of the table.

To view the records in a group, select the checkbox, and then click View Records. You may view records in more than one group at the same time.

An author may be associated with multiple groups because:

  • The author may have changed institutions or locations
  • The author may be working in multiple research areas
  • The author may be citing a wide range of works in different articles published in different years


Author Group Fields


Author Names

You may see two author names or more in this column. Generally, these are variations of the same name, for example, Myers B and Myers Barbara. Other names may be listed if the author has published under a different name.

Records of works that are published anonymously or under a pseudonym are not included.


Last Known Organization

This column displays the last known organization associated with a group.

  • An institution name displays if only one author name and only one address exist in records published from 1900 to the present. The last known organization is the organization shown in the newest record. 

  • Records of articles with multiple authors and multiple addresses added after 2007 link authors to addresses. The last known organization is the organization from the newest record in which an author name and an address are associated.

  • The term "Undetermined" displays for records added to the index prior to 2007 if we are unable to associate an organization name with the author.


Research Areas

This column displays the top five research areas associated with the current author.


Publication Years

The year span indicates the earliest and latest publication year in the group. That is, the years from which the records in the group are published. It does not necessarily indicate a continuous span. For example, a set whose publication years were 1999-2006 may contain papers from 1999, 2002, and 2006.


A Sampling of Publications by this Author

This column lists the last three titles in the group. They are sorted by Publication Date. Use sampling to help select the group(s) you want to view.


Records and Subscription Depth

The number of records in each article group is derived from all years of Web of Science Core Collection, which is 1900 to the present. Your subscription determines the actual number of records you may view. 

For example, a group may contain 50 records of articles published between 1977 and 2016. Ten of the articles were published between 1977 and 1985. If your subscription covers 30 years of data, then you will be able to view 40 of the 50 records--the records of articles published between 1986 and 2016.


Updates to Author Groups

Author groups are updated on a weekly basis as new records are added to Web of Science Core Collection.