Searching the Year Published Field

Enter a four-digit year or a range of years to find records published in a particular journal.

It is advisable to enter a publication year combined with another field. For example, enter a publication year and enter the Publication Name and/or Topic, Title, Author data.

When entering a range of years, restrict your search to five years or less; otherwise, processing slows down and the product may return too many unproductive results.

Remember that the value you enter in the Year Published field always overrides any selected Timespan value.


Search Examples
  • Biosensor* AND 2012
  • Biosensor* AND 2006-2012
  • Biosensor* AND 2011 OR 2012
  • Cagnin A AND 2009
  • Journal of the Neurological Sciences AND 2010
Search Tip

Do not use a wildcard to indicate a year range. For example, the search 2009-2010 will retrieve records for these two years, but 200* will return an error message.