Journal Alerts (Coming Soon*)

  • To add journals to your list, click the Add Journals button.
  • To turn alerts off or on, toggle between Inactive and Active. If set to Inactive, you will not receive email alerts.

  • To remove a journal and its alert, click Remove Alert. You cannot recall an alerts after you remove it.

Note: Holidays in India can delay regularly scheduled updates to Current Contents. If you do not receive a journal alert on the expected date, the next scheduled alert will include data from the previously scheduled alert. No journals issues are skipped because of holidays.

As of Summer 2019, RSS feeds are discontinued.

*This feature will be available fall 2019.


Journal Name

Each title on the list is linked to the table of contents of the most recent issue. Click a journal title link to go to the Current Contents Connect Browse Journals page.


Alert Status

Receive an email alert whenever a new publication cites a previously published work. You can turn these alerts off and on by toggling between Inactive and Active.


Alert Options

Specify the e-mail address to receive the e-mail and an e-mail format. Use a semicolon (;) and a space to separate multiple e-mail addresses. The default value for this field is your registration / sign-in e-mail address.

The format of Alert Options is Plain Text.


Add Journals

  1. Click the Add Journals button to go to the Add Journals page.
  2.  Find the titles that you want to add to your journal list by using one of three methods.
  • Search Full Journal Titles - Enter a word or truncated word (for example, pharmac*) in the field, and then click Search.

  • Browse Journal Titles by Subject - Select a Current Contents edition from the list, and then click Browse. Click the name of a subject category to see a list of journals in that category.

Our system automatically saves your selections. You can always view your journal alerts from the Web of Science homepage by clicking Searches and Alerts > Journal Alerts.


Remove Alert

Alerts never expire, but if you want to remove a citation alert, click Remove Alert. You will see a message confirming you want to remove it; click Remove. You cannot recall a saved journal after you remove it.


Reminder - Register and Sign In

To view your journal alerts and list, you must be a registered user and you must sign into Current Contents Connect.