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ISI Essential Science IndicatorsSM Monthly Summary Report

The monthly summary report shows daily usage statistics for the month indicated at the top of the report. To see statistics for a different month, click the ISI Essential Science Indicators link at the top of the page. Then select a different month and click Submit.

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Usage Summary Table
Usage Summary Graph

Usage Summary Table

The summary table shows monthly usage statistics for each of the following variables:

Variable   Description



Number of successful logons (connections) to ISI Essential Science Indicators.


A query is recorded when a user clicks Search or Go.

At the bottom of the table are two rows showing:

Total Use   Sum of the numbers in each column. This is the total use for the month.

Average Use   Average number (arithmetic mean) for the numbers in the columns. This is the average use for the month.

If you selected the option to Include IP Addresses and Token IDs on the select a report page, then the table will have an additional column with this heading: IP Address/Token ID. To the right of the IP Address or Token ID in the same row are usage statistics for that identifier. The date of usage is in the row above and to the left of the identifier.

For example, this report shows that on January 1, 2003, the person(s) using a computer whose IP address is 123.45.678 submitted 60 queries to ISI Essential Science Indicators:

IP Address/
Token ID
01 Jan 2003    
  123.45.678 60
02 Jan 2003    
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Summary Graph

Usage is plotted on a two-dimensional graph at the bottom indicating usage trends for these variables:

The values on the Y-axis (ordinate) show the usage numbers for the dates plotted on the X-axis (abscissa).

Note: If usage statistics are broken down by IP Address and Token ID, no graph will appear. If you want to see usage data plotted on a graph, return to the Usage Reports Home page and select ISI Essential Science Indicators again. On the page for selecting the type of usage report, clear the check box Include IP Addresses and Token IDs.

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