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Personal Citation Alerts

The Personal Citation Alerts usage page shows usage statistics for the personal citation alerts purchased by your institution. (Statistics for search alerts are provided in a separate report.) The report is divided into two parts. At the top of the page are search alerts totals. Underneath the totals is a pie chart showing the percentage of alerts purchased that are in active use.

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Personal Citation Alerts Totals
Personal Citation Chart

Personal Citation Alerts Totals

Variable   Description

Alerts Limit


The total number of search alerts that your institution has purchased.

Alerts Used  

The number of search alerts in active use. This number should be less than or equal to the alerts limit.

Alerts Remaining  

The alerts limit minus the number of alerts used.

Users   Number of users who have an alert. Each user is identified by a unique e-mail address.
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Personal Citation Alerts Chart

The pie chart at the bottom of the page shows the ratio (expressed as a percentage) of alerts used and alerts remaining to the total number of alerts purchased.

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