Subsessions & Queries Report

The Subsessions & Queries report shows the number of subsessions and queries for the time period indicated. To see statistics for a different time period, click the product link at the top of the page. Then select a different time period and click Submit.

Usage Summary Table

The Summary table shows statistics for Subsessions and Queries. At the bottom of the table are two rows showing Total Use and Average Use. Note that statistics count both roaming and non-roaming usage. To see the counts for roaming usage only, return to Usage Report Home and select Roaming Usage under Supplemental Reports.

If you selected the option to Include User Credentials on the Select a Report page, then the table will have an additional column with this heading: Credentials. To the right of the credential in the same row are usage statistics for that credential. The date of usage is in the row above and to the left of the credential.

For example, this report shows that during December 2009, the person(s) using a computer whose IP address is 123.45.678 logged on 6 times and submitted 48 queries:

Dec 2009      
  123.45.678 6
Nov 2009      


Several products have constituent editions. Subsession & Queries reports for these products show the number of subsessions and queries executed in each edition selected by users. Be aware that the aggregate totals of queries on the Subsession & Queries report may be smaller than the total number of queries shown on the Summary or Custom Summary report for the same date. The reason is that query data on Summary reports count queries for which no editions were specified, in addition to queries for which editions were specified.

For example, suppose an institution subscribes to one edition of Web of Science, Science Citation Index Expanded, and this is the Subsessions & Queries report for November 2010 :

Date SCI
Subsessions Queries
Nov 2010 10000 5000

And here is a Custom Summary report for the same institution showing subsessions and queries for November 2010:

Date Subsessions Queries
Nov 2010 10000 6000
Total Use 10000 6000
Average Use 10000 6000

What accounts for the difference in query counts between the two reports is that the custom report includes queries for which no edition was specified. Most of these queries are links from other databases to Web of Science. For example, if a user clicks the Related Records link on the Full Record page in BIOSIS Previews, that link to Web of Science counts as a query in Web of Science, but it does not count as a query in a specific edition of Web of Science.

Usage Summary Graph

Usage data are plotted on a two-dimensional graph. The values on the Y-axis (ordinate) show the usage numbers for the dates plotted on the X-axis (abscissa).

Note: If usage statistics are broken down by user credential, no graph will appear. If you want to see usage data plotted on a graph, click the product link at the top of the page. Clear the Include User Credentials check box, and then click Submit.

This help page last modified 08/31/2012