Web of Knowledge - Sessions & Turnaways Report

The Sessions & Turnaways report shows the number of sessions and turnaways in Web of Knowledge for the month indicated. To see statistics for a different month, click the Web of Knowledge link at the top of the page. Then select a different year and click Submit.

Usage Summary Table

The Summary table shows the number of sessions and the number of turnaways for three-hour time periods during the month indicated. Times are given in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

For example, this report shows that in the time period 12:01 to 15:00 UTC, there were 411 sessions, which represent 5% of the total number of sessions for the month, and there were 4 turnaways, which represent 5% of the total number of turnaways for the month.

Time Range
0:01 to 3:00 922 12% 7 9%
3:01 to 6:00 814 10% 7 9%
6:01 to 9:00 133 2%
9:01 to 12:00 66 1% 0 0%
12:01 to 15:00 411 5% 4 5%
15:01 to 18:00 1,843 23% 20 26%
18:01 to 21:00 1,751 22% 16 20%
21:01 to 0:00 2,030 25% 24 31%
Totals 7,970  

If you selected the option to Include User Credentials on the Select a Report page, then the table will have an additional column with this heading: Credentials. To the right of the credential in the same row are usage statistics for that credential. The date of usage is in the row above and to the left of the credential.

Usage Summary Graph

Usage data are plotted on a two-dimensional graph.The points on the Y-axis (ordinate) show the usage numbers for the dates plotted on the X-axis (abscissa).

Note: If usage statistics are broken down by user credential, no graph will appear. If you want to see usage data plotted on a graph, click the Web of Knowledge portal link at the top of the page. Clear the Include User Credentials check box, and then click Submit.

This help page last modified 08/31/2012