Web of Knowledge - Summary Report

The Summary report shows daily usage statistics for the month indicated at the top of the report. To see statistics for a different month, click the Web of Knowledge portal link at the top of the page. Then select a month and click Submit.

Usage Summary Table

The Summary table shows daily usage statistics for each of the following variables:

At the bottom of the table are two rows showing Total Use and Average Use.

If you selected the option to Include User Credentials on the Select a Report page, then the table will have an additional column with this heading: Credentials. To the right of the credential in the same row are usage statistics for that credential. The date of usage is in the row above and to the left of the credential.

For example, this report shows that on December 1, 2004, the person(s) using the computer whose IP address 123.45.678 successfully logged onto Web of Knowledge five times. The maximum number of users who could have concurrent sessions on that date is ten. The average length of a session was 22 minutes and 20 seconds. There were no turnaways.

Avg Length
01 Dec 2004            
02 Dec 2004            

Usage Summary Graph

These three graphs appear at the bottom of the page.

  • Sessions & Turnaways. The points on the Y-axis (ordinate) show the session and turnaway numbers for the dates on the X-axis (abscissa).

  • Average Length. A bar chart plots the average session length per month.

  • Maximum Actual Users & Maximum Contractual Users. The points on the Y-axis (ordinate) plot the numbers of actual and contractual users for the dates plotted on the X-axis (abscissa).

Note: If usage statistics are broken down by user credential, no graphs will appear. If you want to see usage data plotted on a graph, click the Web of Knowledge portal link at the top of the page. Clear the Include User Credentials check box, and then click Submit.

This help page last modified 08/31/2012