Express and Professional

Thomson Innovation offers two subscription levels to accommodate the needs of different types of users.

The Professional level provides full functionality of all features in Thomson Innovation.

The Express level provides a simplified interface with more limited features and functionality.

Subscription level does not imply access to, or restriction from, any of the content on Thomson Innovation.  Content access/restriction is part of the initial contract and not a function of the subscription level.

Whether you have a Professional or Express subscription, you can still customize your working environment using the options you find in Preferences (in the left navigation panel).

The following table shows the high-level differences between Express and Professional.






Search by Keyword, Author/Inventor, Assignee/Applicant, Date, Patent Number, and Classification Only

No expert query builder

Search by all available fields

Build search using expert query builder


Pre-defined exports limited to 1,000 records

Exports of all available fields up to 30,000 records


Pre-defined charts only

Fully flexible charting application with the ability to save templates for others


Pre-defined alerting formats

Fully flexible alerting functionality


Multi-color highlighting for search terms

Fully flexible multi-color highlighting

Citation Map Visualization

No access to citation map visualization

Full access to citation map functionality