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Field Tags (Compounds)

These field tags identify fields in records that you e-mail or save to file. The data associated with compounds are identified by field names in an SD file. The field names are enclosed in angle brackets.

<AUTHOR> Author(s)
<TITLE> Article Title
<JOURNAL> Source Publication
<VOLUME> Volume
<ISSUE> Issue
<YEAR> Year Published
<PAGE_START> Starting Page
<PAGE_END> Ending Page
<CPD_NUMBER> Compound Number
<CPD_NAME> Compound Name
<AUTHOR_NO> Author Number
<SYMBOL> Symbol
<GRADE> Grade
<BIOLACT> Biological Activity
<STATUS> Activity Status
<LANGUAGE> Language
<AU_KEYWORD> Author Keywords
<KEYWORD> Keywords Plus®
<ABSTRACT> Abstract
<ADDRESS> Addresses
<TGA_NO> Thomson Reuters Document Solution® number
$$$$ End of Record

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About the SD File

You can save or e-mail compounds to an SD file. An SD file (structure-data file) contains the compound's connection table, along with associated data. This file format was developed by MDL Information Systems, Inc.