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Shared References

View a list of cited references that are shared between two documents. The primary document appears at the top of the page. The secondary document appears directly below the primary document.

  • The first line of a shared record displays the names of up to three authors of the document.

  • The second line displays the title of the record, which is linked to the Full Record (if available) in the product.

  • If available, the third line displays source information, including the name of the cited publication followed by the volume, page numbers, and date.

  • If available, the fourth line displays the Article ID, a unique identifier assigned by Thomson Reuters editors.

Navigation Controls

  • To view the Full Record of a shared reference, click the title link.

  • To go to the Full Record page of the primary or secondary document, click the document title link.

  • To return to the Related Records page, click the Back to previous results link that appears at the top of the page.