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Latest Date

Sorts records based on the date the documents were added to our database (not the publication year) with the most recently processed records listed first.

Times Cited

Sorts records based on the number of times the work was cited in other works. More about Times Cited?


Sorts records based on a ranking system that considers how many of the search terms are found in each record. Records with the highest ranking appear at the top of the list.

First Author

Sorts records in alphabetical order based on the last name of the first listed author.

Source Title

Sorts records in alphabetical order based on the name of the publication.

Publication Year

Sorts records in reverse chronological order based on the date given on the cover of the journal.

Conference Title

Sorts records in alphabetical order based on the title of the conference.

Note You can now search for records of conference proceedings in Web of Science. You must have a subscription to one or both Conference Proceedings citation indexes to search for and to view conference records.

Search Tip

When selecting a sort option, keep in mind the timespan that you selected from the Search page. For example, if you restrict the timespan to Latest 2 weeks, the product sorts all items (both new and old articles) that were processed and added to the database during the latest 2 weeks.

Did You Know ...

Latest Date is the default sort option.