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Cited Reference Search

Search for articles that have cited a previously published work. All successful searches are added to the Search History table.

Through a cited reference search, you can discover how a known idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, improved, extended, or corrected.

In Arts & Humanities Citation Index, cited reference searching also enables you to find articles that make reference to and/or include an illustration of a work of art or a music score. These references are implicit citations.

Conference Proceedings Search

You must have a subscription to one or both Conference Proceedings citation indexes to search for and to view records of conference proceedings.

How To Do a Cited Reference Search

  1. Enter the name of the primary Cited Author and the abbreviated title of a Cited Work, and then click Search. You can also enter search terms in just one field but you may retrieve hundreds or thousands of references.

  2. If you retrieve too many hits, return to the form and add a Cited Year or a limited range of cited years.

  3. After you click Search, you will see references from the citation index that contain the cited author/cited work data you entered.

  4. Select reference(s) from the citation index, and then click Finish Search.

When you click Finish Search, you will retrieve records of articles that cite the references you selected from the citation index.

Search Tips

  • Enter the name of the first author of a multi-authored article or book.

  • Enter an abbreviated journal title or the first one or two significant words of a book title followed by an asterisk. Look up abbreviations for cited works in the cited work index.

  • Try searching for cited references without entering a cited year in order to retrieve variations of the same cited reference. You can always return to the Cited Reference Search page and enter a cited year if you get too many references.

  • When searching for biblical references, enter Bible in the Cited Author field and the name of the book (Corinthinans*, Matthew*, Leviticus*, etc.) in the Cited Work field. Ensure that you use the asterisk (*) wildcard in your search.

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