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Publication Name

Enter a publication name to search the Source field within a record. The product retrieves:

  • Journal titles
  • Book titles
  • Book series titles
  • Book subtitles
  • Book series subtitles
  • And more ...

Enter a full or partial (truncated) publication name. If you enter a partial publication name, end it with the asterisk (*) wildcard. Join multiple titles by the OR search operator.

Publication Name Search Rules

If you enter a word or phrase, you will retrieve records of articles from journals whose titles begin with the word or phrase. For example, Architect* will retrieve records of articles from journals whose titles begin with the text string Architect and end with any group of letters (or with no letters), such as:

  • Architects Journal
  • Architectural Design
  • Architectural Digest
  • Architectural Review
  • Architecture

Note This Publication Name search does not retrieve records of articles from Journal of Architectural Education or Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. To retrieve these records, you need to enter Journal of Architect*.

Conference Proceedings Search Rules

Always search on the main title of a conference, book, or journal. Do not include the subtitle. For example, the following searches are valid:

  • Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society (full publication name)
  • Proceedings of the American Antiquarian* (truncated publication name)

However, do not include a source subtitle in the search query. The following searches are not valid because they include a source subtitle.

  • jovan ducic under the signs of apollo and dionysis - HIS Views on Literature and Poetry (full publication name with subtitle)

  • HIS Views on Literature and Poetry (subtitle only)

  • HIS Views on Literature* (truncated subtitle)

Note The title and the subtitle are always separated by a colon ( : ) in the source name.

Publication Name Index

Use the Publication Name Index to access a list of titles that you can add to your query. Using the index allows you to locate the preferred titles to add to your search.

Search Examples

  • Sociological Quarterly

  • Behavioral Medicine OR Journal of Behavioral Medicine

  • Journal of Cell*

  • Proceedings of the IEEE

  • Advances in Rapid Thermal Process*

  • 1998 IEEE*

Journal Title Changes

The journal title list is posted on the Scientific business Web site of Thomson Reuters. It includes new journal titles added to Web of Science over the past 12 months. Want to know more?

Search Tip

Do not enter an abbreviated publication name because the product will not retrieve any results.