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Chemical Search

In Web of Science, you can:

  • Search for chemical compounds and reactions that match a structure query that you create.

  • Search for data associated with compounds and reactions.

  • Search for compound or reaction data without doing a structure search.

The Chemical Search page is divided into three sections:

A structure search may create two sets: a set of reaction records and a set of compound records. In this case, the same structure query will be listed twice on the search history table. A substructure search for a compound might find 25 compounds and 10 reactions. The 25 compounds will belong to one set and the 10 reactions to another set.

Structure Drawing Plug-in

To create structure queries, you need to have the structure drawing plug-in installed on your computer.

Combining Structure and Data Searches

If you draw a structure and enter terms in compound data or reaction fields, Web of Science will automatically apply AND logic to the query.

For example, if you draw a structure and enter a biological activity in the Compound Biol. Act. field, you will retrieve only compounds that match the structure you drew and have the biological activity you specified.

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Did You Know ...

Web of Science no longer supports structure searching on Macintosh computers.