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Structure Drawing

Follow these steps to draw a compound or reaction and for records containing the compound or reaction:

  1. Be sure that you have selected either Current Chemical Reactions or Index Chemicus (or both databases) and that you have downloaded and installed the structure drawing plug-in.

  2. In the Query box, click Draw Query to open the structure drawing plug-in.

  3. Draw the compound or reaction you want to find. For practice, try the sample reaction structure query.

  4. Use the Back button in the structure drawing plug-in (not your Web browser's Back button) to return to the Chemical Search page in Web of Science. Your structure drawing appears in the Query box.

  5. Select a search mode: Substructure (to find compounds or reactions that contain what is in the Query box) or Exact Match (to find compounds or reactions that match what is in the Query box). Be aware that Exact Match cannot be applied to searches for compounds in Current Chemical Reactions. It works only for reaction searches in Current Chemical Reactions.

  6. [Optional] Scroll down to the Compound Data section and/or the Reaction Data section to enter terms.

  7. Click Search.

Did You Know ...

You can also transfer structures from a list of results to the Structure Drawing window. Double-click in the box containing a compound or reaction retrieved from a search. This will transfer the structure(s) to the drawing window. Then use the Save Query command on the Search menu to save the structure(s) for future use or modification.

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