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Analyze Results

Extract data values from a field that you select from the list. After you click Analyze, the system produces a report showing the values in ranked order.

For example, you can perform a search on a specific topic or you can generate a list of authors who published articles on that subject.

  1. Click Analyze Results on any Results page to go to the Analyze Results page.

  2. Select a field to analyze from the list.

  3. Select the number of records in the set that you want to analyze. The limit is 100,000 records.

  4. Set the display option: Show the top 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 results.

    Example: If you select Author and top 10, the product searches for the top 10 authors based on the minimum record count.
  5. Set the display option: Minimum record count. To be listed in the results table, a value must appear at least this number of times in the set.
    Example: If you select Author and set a threshold of 4, then an author's name is included in the results table if it appears in 4 or more records.
  6. Select a sort option.

    • Record count ranks the values from high to low, according to the number of records in which each value (minimum record count) appears.

    • Selected field sorts the list in ascending alphabetical (A-Z) or numeric (0-9) order.

  7. Click the Analyze button to go to the Results page.

About the Results Page

The Results page lists the records that contain the field values you selected on the Analyze Results page. It includes all relevant records from the original results list regardless of how many records you choose to analyze.

New Feature! All records that you select to view on the Results page are now added to the Search History table. This feature allows you to save your results to a search history file.

About the Exclude Records Button

Select the check box of any field that you want to exclude from the results.

For example, suppose you are analyzing the results by Author field. If there are certain authors whose articles you do not want to analyze, then select the check box for those authors, and then click the Exclude Records button. Those authors are removed from the list.

Save Analysis Data to File

To save your results that appear in the results table:

  1. Click the Save Analysis Data to File button.

  2. From the File Download dialog box, click Save to save the results to an analyze.txt file on the hard drive of your computer.

Viewing Results

To view records containing field values that appear in the results table:

  1. Select the check box of each field that you want to view.

  2. Click View Records to go to the Results page to view the records that contain the selected field values.


Do not click Help if the system is processing the results as this may interrupt and stall processing.

If you click Help, immediately close the Help window, and then click Analyze to restart processing.