Subscription Options

The availability of Thomson Innovation features to individual users is determined by subscription level and content access.

Your subscription level (Express or Professional) determines the features and tools available.  

Content set and collection access is determined by the contract under which you/your company purchased Thomson Innovation.  All content sets and collections can be made available to both Express and Professional subscription levels -- core patent data is included in all subscriptions.

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Content Sets/Collections


Core Patent Data

This is the core patent content set included in all Thomson Innovation subscriptions.  It includes the following first-level patent content:


Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) Enhanced Patent Data

The DWPI enhanced patent data offering provides coverage of 41 authorities and over 15 million separate inventions.  This enhanced patent data is integrated with first-level patent content. 


Asia-Pacific Patent Data

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) patent collection package consists of machine-assisted translations of the full text of Japanese Applications & Grants (JP A & JP B) (also referred to as JP-MAT).  This machine-assisted translated material is integrated with first-level JP A & JP B patent content already in English.


Scientific Literature

The Thomson Innovation scientific literature offering consists of:


Inspec is the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) bibliographic database and is offered as a separate scientific literature package.  The full backfile is available (back to 1898).



The Thomson Innovation scientific business information offering consists of five collections:


Express and Professional Levels

Thomson Innovation offers two subscription levels to accommodate the needs of different types of users.

The Professional level provides full functionality of all features in Thomson Innovation.

The Express level provides a simplified interface with more limited features and functionality.

Subscription level does not imply access to, or restriction from, any of the content on Thomson Innovation.  Content access/restriction is part of the initial contract and not a function of the subscription level (see Content Sets/Collections above).

Whether you have a Professional or Express subscription, you can still customize your working environment using the options you find in Preferences (in the left navigation panel).

The following table details the differences between the Express and Professional subscription levels.

Thomson Innovation Subscription Comparison


Feature Description







Search a maximum of five predefined fields

Search any or all of up to five predefined fields



Search all fields

Search all available fields in a single submission



Expert Search

Command-line search, as well as numerous search aids



Specialized Search

Search for patent citations, family lookup or record updates



Query Previewer

View, edit and test your search in command-line format before submission



Search History




Combine Queries

Combine two or more existing search queries using Boolean operators







Highlighting in searched fields only

Highlight searched terms found only in searched fields



Highlighting in any field

Highlight searched terms or My Terms found in any field



My Terms

A user-defined list of terms to be highlighted in addition to searched terms







Predefined content in email notification

Email alert notification contains only predefined fields



Custom content in email notification

Email alert notification contains user-selected fields







Export 1,000 records maximum

Export 1,000 records in a single operation



Export 30,000 records maximum

Export 30,000 records in a single operation



Export predefined field sets

Exports contain only predefined fields



Export custom field sets

Exports contain user-selected fields







Predefined chart templates

Create charts using only predefined templates



Custom chart templates

Create charts using user-defined templates



Citation Mapping

Create a map depicting forward citations, backward citations, or both