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Current System Notices: Release Notes

Thomson Innovation, Market Release

February 22, 2008


These release notes address the Thomson Innovation Market Release.  This is the first release since the Advance Release on December 3, 2007.

The market release is an exciting step forward for Thomson Innovation and contains several important enhancements, including:

These release notes give you details about issues from in the previous release that have been resolved as well as issues we are currently experiencing with certain functionalities in this release.

We encourage you to report all problems or concerns to our Technical Support team.  There is a link for Technical Support in the left navigation panel of the site under Support.  Please also consult the help system for questions about system operation.  There is a link to the help system in the lower right corner (in the footer) of every page in the site.  

Issues Resolved in this Release

In charting, several issues that caused unexpected errors have been resolved.

File histories in our inventory can now be downloaded immediately and the correct prices now display once your file history orders are processed.

While public folders are still in beta testing, work files are now visible there so you can better work with them to explore the beta functionality.

Three issues with the patent record view have been resolved: the inappropriate NULL errors in the highlighting panel, the periodic disappearance of claims, and missing inventor information in the INPADOC family display.

In patent searching, unexpected failures have been resolved including those involving searches done from your search history.  Additionally, in the subsearch feature is now searching against the appropriate universe.

In the corporate tree tool (on your patent search form), correct results are being returned and the expand/collapse toggle on the display now works correctly.

On your patent result set (and on result sets for literature, work files, and marked lists), the select-all checkbox (in the field name row) now selects-all for the entire result set.

Also on your patent result set, display problems with the Current IPC and Assignee fields have been resolved.

While there are still several exporting and reporting issues open, some significant problems are resolved in this release including reformatting of the RIS and RTF reports, correct population of citation related fields, and appropriate prompting when an export is requested and no fields are selected.

Open Issues

In patent search:

On the patent record view, there are a few field display problems, including: US Post Issuance data not displaying, and truncation of the DWPI Use field.  In addition, the Citation record count on the record view may differ from that shown on the result set.

On the patent result set, Japanese abstracts are not displaying (they do display on the record view, however).  

Merging of saved literature searches when both searches contain timeframe fields is mistakenly disallowed.  In addition, the ADJ operator is currently working like the AND operator

Highlighting is returning inconsistent results in the highlighting map, in your result set, and when families are expanded and collapsed.  In addition, highlighting is not working for reports or alerts or when records or lists are printed.  There are also issues when attempting to upload lists of terms or work with My Terms and Current Terms.  

In your saved work area, searching All Content is not functioning (all other search options are).  Also, you cannot open an attachment from the annotation screen because the file extension is incorrect, but you can export it (and your data remains intact).

Alerts issues include:

In charts, choosing a field with no data for your optional secondary field results in an unexpected error.  

When working with citation maps, sorting by assignee does not always produce the expected results and bibliographic data will not always display fully on the map nodes.  In addition, once colored, a map cannot automatically revert to the default color.

There are formatting issues with exports & reports format for XML as well as issues with the export of citation related fields for other formats.  

When your request for document copies includes a publication number that is out of range (too high or too low) or a number that uses wildcards/truncation, you may receive misleading error messages.  Also, our order page does not advise you that applicable taxes will apply (and they will).

The system will allow you to create a password that includes a percent sign (%), but will not allow you to log in with that password.  If you or your users experience this problem, use the Forgot your password? tool to create a new password.


System Maintenance Schedule

System Downtime on Sunday, April 20

Thomson Innovation will not be available on Sunday, April 20, between 7:00 AM ET and 12:00 PM (noon) ET (during the regularly scheduled system maintenance window).  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Regularly Scheduled System Maintenance

Our regularly scheduled system maintenance period is:

Every Sunday from 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM/noon ET.  

During this time you may experience periodic service interruptions.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.