Author SearchBETA

Author Search BETA helps you identify and retrieve all documents by a particular author. By focusing on what you know about the researcher, Author Search helps separate documents by different authors with the same name. The improved author search allows you to submit feedback on publication records, and allows authors to claim and curate their author records.

In the appropriate fields, find an author by typing their last name followed by their first name. You can include a hyphen, a space, or an apostrophe in the Last Name field. For example:

  • Wilson SE
  • O'Grady AP
  • Ruiz-Gomez M
  • De La Rosa JM
  • Van der Waals JE

Beta Version Limitations

There are some limitation to the Author Search BETA:

  • Saving search histories

Searching for an Author Record

An author record is a record of publications and citation metrics of an individual researcher. Any author with a paper indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection has an author record.

  1. Enter the last name of the researcher in the Last Name field.
  2. Type the author's first name in the First Name field.
  3. Click Include alternative name to add rows to search for known variations of the author's name to improve and expand your search results.

For example, in the first row, you may type Maparyan Layli and in the second row, Phillips Layli. The system finds all published articles using these two name variations.

Author Search Results Summary

When you open an author record, all documents in the Web of Science Core Collection written by the author appear on the list of publications.

It’s important to associate documents found in the Web of Science Core Collection with the correct authors to improve author data across the platform. If you’re listed as the author on the record, you can claim the record. Alternatively, if you’re not the author and you notice documents the author didn’t write, you can suggest a correction.

View as a Set of Results

Clicking View as a set of results to export, analyze, and link to full text, opens a new page. From here, you can select multiple documents and:

  • export them to any of the following:
    • EndNote Desktop
    • EndNote Online
    • Other File Formats
    • Claim on Publons – Track Citations
    • InCites
    • RefWorks
    • Print
    • Email
    • Fast 5K
  • add them to your marked list
  • analyze the results
  • create a citation report


Search Rules
  • Enter the complete last name in the Last Name field. Do not enter partial last names with wildcards (* ? $), because the search engine may return unpredictable results.


  • Last names containing a space can be searched with and without the space. For example, De La Rosa J finds De La Rosa J and DeLaRosa J. However, it is always best to search for multiple author name variants.


  • Some last names that contain spaces cannot be searched as one word. For example, Fuchs Charles S returns a list of records, but FuchsCharles S does not.


Important Notes:

The system returns an error message if you enter a Boolean in the Last Name / First Name field without using quotation marks. For example, "OR" returns results but OR returns an error message.

This rules only applies to the Last Name / First Name field -- it does not apply to the Initials field. For example, entering Smith (last name) and OR (initials) is a valid search query.


About Author Names

Different authors may be represented by the same name in the product database. For example, Richard J. Johnson and Robert J. Johnson may appear as Johnson RJ.

Conversely, the same author may be represented by different names, particularly if he or she has a long publication history. For example, Barbara Demmig-Adams is indexed as:

Demmig-Adams, B
DemmigAdams, B
Demmig-Adams, Barbara