Citing Articles

View a list of articles that cite the work shown at the top of the page.

Records are sorted by Publication Date -- Newest to Oldest, the default sort. However, you can choose to sort the results by selecting another sort option from the Sort by menu on the right side of the page.

The All Databases Citation Summary table displays a breakdown of all Times Cited counts across all products and editions in Web of Knowledge, including citation counts from product databases that are not in your institution's subscription.

Duplicate records across all product databases are only counted once. However, a record of an item can appear in mutlitple product databases.

Access to records is limited to your institution's entitlements subscription.

More About Times Cited counts?


This link displays the abstract of the record in a scrolling box. The system links to the abstract from the highest precedence product database regardless of your entitlements.

Be aware that you may get an error message if the abstract comes from a product database that is not in your subscription service. For example, you will receive an error message if the abstract comes from Web of Science but your institution does not subscribe to this product.


Available Options

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