Table of Contents

The table of contents for a journal issue or book includes:

  • Journal or book title

  • Volume, issue, and publication date

  • ISSN (journals) or ISBN (books)

  • Section heading taken from the source journal (for example, Editorial, Correspondence, Original Articles, Short Communications, and so on)

  • For each article, you will find:

- Author name - Up to three authors with the abbreviation et al. appearing if more than three authors exist for the record

- Article title - linked to the Full Record

- Abbreviated journal or book title

- Volume and issue

- Page span

- Publication date

Did You Know ... If a book is part of a series, the ISSN appears first and the ISBN appears on the first line below the ISSN.


Search Tips

If you access a contents page from a list of journal issues, the Previous Issue and Next Issue navigation buttons take you to the table of contents of other issues of that journal.

Click the Issue link to return to the complete list of issues.