Searching the PubMed ID Field

The PubMed ID is a unique identifier assigned to each MEDLINE record. For example, 14847410 finds the record with PubMed ID 14847410.

The search 148474* finds MEDLINE records with a PubMed ID starting with 148474.

Use the OR operator to search for multiple PubMed IDs. For example, 14847410 OR 23455055 finds records that contain the PubMed ID 14847410 or the PubMed ID 23455055. You cannot combine multiple PubMed IDs using the operator AND, NOT, NEAR or  SAME.

The advantage of searching Web of Science Core Collection or Current Contents Connect by PubMed ID is that you can get the addresses of all authors of an article. MEDLINE supplies the address of the first listed author of an article.


Accession Numbers and PubMed IDs

Every record in the database has an accession number. Not all records contain a PubMed ID. A record in the database has a PubMed ID if it has a matching record in MEDLINE.