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Searches the following fields within a record.

  • Conference Title
  • Conference Location
  • Conference Date
  • Sponsor

Enter one or more words or phrases connected with Booleans (AND, OR, NOT). Enter complete words and phrases or partial words and phrases using wildcards (* ? $).

Conference Search Examples

  • Allergy AND Acapulco

  • American Diabetes Association AND New Orleans

  • Fiber Optics AND Photonics AND India AND 2000

  • Scientific Meeting AND Heart AND (UK OR United Kingdom)

  • European Congress AND Clinical Microbiology AND Stockholm AND Sweden

Combining Search Fields

If you are looking for a particular proceedings paper, you might do a search by Conference and Topic, or you might search by Conference and Author. For example:

TOPIC: graphite electrode*
CONFERENCE: lithium AND Scotland AND 1998

AUTHOR: Edstrom K*
CONFERENCE: lithium AND Scotland AND 1998

Search Tips

Use the AND search operator to combine search terms in the Conference field. Do not use the SAME search operator.

Often, just one or two words connected by AND will be enough to search for a particular meeting.

For example, lithium AND Scotland AND 1998 find records of papers from the 9th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 12-17, 1998.

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