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Document Types

When you limit a search by document type, you retrieve only those records that contain the search term(s) you entered in the search fields and the document type(s) you select from the list.

  • All document types
  • Article
  • Art Exhibit Review
  • Bibliography
  • Biographical-Item
  • Book Review
  • Chronology
  • Correction
  • Database Review
  • Discussion
  • Editorial Material
  • Letter
  • Meeting Abstract
  • News Item
  • Note
  • Poetry
  • Proceedings Paper
  • Reprint
  • Review
  • Software Review

Search Tip

You may limit your search by selecting a single document type or multiple document types. The default selection is All document types.

To select more than one document type:

  • Windows® - Press the Ctrl key as you click each item.
  • Macintosh® - Press the Command key as you click each item.

Did You Know ...

If you want to retrieve only records of full-length proceedings papers, as opposed to short items such as editorials or meeting abstracts, select both Article and Proceedings Paper from the document type list.

This help page last modified 5/29/2008