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Group Author

A group author is an organization or institution that is credited with authorship of an article by the source publication.

Enter the name of the group author. Enter complete names or partial names using wildcards (* ? $).

Group Author Search Examples

  • NIMROD TEAM or nimrod team retrieves the same results, case does not matter.

  • Parkin* finds papers authored by Parkinson S Study Grp or Parkinson Study Grp.

  • Neuro* finds papers authored by Neuroblastoma Study Grp, Neuroflo Investigators, Neurolab Autonomic Team, and so on.
  • Human* finds papers authored by Human Genome Variation Society, Human Growth Hormone, Human Sexuality Multispecialty Grp, and so on.

  • Magic Telescope Collaboration OR Magic Telescope Design Grp finds papers authored by either of these two groups.

Search Tip

Click the group author index icon to access a list of authors that you can add to your query.

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