Use the Timespan options to specify the time period that you wish to search.


All years 

Searches all years in your current subscription. This is the default timespan setting.

Last 5 years

Searches the current year and the previous four years. The years are publication years, not database years.

Year to Date

Searches the current year up to the last update to the product database. Only records with a processing date in the current year are included in the results.


Last 4 months

Searches the last four months of data that we entered in the product database.

Last 2 months

Searches the last two months of data that we entered in the product database.

Current month

Searches the most recent month of data that we entered in the product database.



Searches a range of database years based on the publication year. The default value is generally the earliest year in your institution's subscription up to the date when the product database was last updated.

This is the default setting unless you go to sign in and change your personal settings.


Notes About Timespan

  • An "early arrival" may be a January item arriving in November. A "late arrival" may be a December item arriving in January.

  • If you wish to search for journals with a cover date older than 12 months, then we suggest you select the All Years or last 5 years using the From and To radio buttons


More Settings

More settings are remembered by the system during a search session. They are also remembered in future sessions if you are a registered user, signed in, and have saved your settings.


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