Subscription Cancellations

Your organization no longer receives data updates to some products and/or editions in Web of Knowledge.

You can continue to search for data and use this product, but the system will only retrieve records up to the date that your institution cancelled its entitlements. The system will not search and retrieve records that we entered into the database after the cancellation date.

For example, if your institution cancelled its subscription on December 31, 2009, then the system retrieves all records entered in the database up to this date, but not after this date. From the Timespan section of the search pages, you will be able to select All Years and Latest 5 Years within your allowable coverage. If the cancellation date is more than five years ago, then All Years is the default timespan within your allowable coverage.

Thomson Reuters suggests that you go to the Select a Database panel to view your institution's entitlement products, editions, and timespan. This information appears to the right of the product / edition name.


Did You Know ...

If your institution subscribes to only one product database (for example, Web of Science), then go to the product's Search page to view your institution's entitlement editions and timespan.