My EndNote Web

Designed for both novice and advanced researchers who need to manage their bibliographic references, EndNote Web allows you to create an online library to store your references.

After you register with Web of Knowledge, you can begin to enjoy the following benefits after you create an EndNote Web library:

  • Add references to your EndNote Web library directly from Web of Science and other Web of Knowledge products.

  • Organize references in folders for access and use at any time - collections are retained between sessions.

  • Create formatted reference lists in a variety of publishing styles.

  • Access your EndNote Web library from any computer at the institution.


Reminder - Register and Sign In

To manage your references in EndNote Web, you must be a registered user and you must sign in.


Did You Know ...

The system automatically creates a library in EndNote Web after you begin to save selected records and click the EndNote Web button from either a Results or Full Record page.