Selecting an Interface Language

Chinese- and Japanese-speaking users can now view our product databases in Chinese Simplified, Japanese, or English. The language that you select determines the language of the on-screen instructions and help information.


How Do I Select an Interface Language?

There are two ways you can select an interface language.

  • Select the Chinese, Japanese, or English language link that appears at the bottom of any product page to the right of the View In heading.

  • On the Search page, in the right-hand column, click the Preferences link, and then click the Select a Language link. Select Chinese, Japanese, or English The language that you select will appear whenever you sign in to your product database. You must be a registered user and you must sign in to change the language using this method.

The first method has precedence over the second method. For example, if the language specified in My Preferences is English, but the selected "View In" language is Chinese, the instructions will appear in Chinese.


Interface Tranlation Rules

Generally, all items on a page will be translated. The following items, however, are not translated.

  • Proper names

  • Product names

  • Trademarks, registered trademarks, and service marks

  • Search examples

  • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and proximity operators (NEAR and SAME)

  • Two-characters field tags used in Advanced Search to formulate search queries

  • Data (when searching in English)

  • E-Mail Addresses 


About the Interface Language

The interface language that you select affects only the instructions you see on our product Web pages and in Help. Consequently, search queries must always be in English. The results of your search are always in English.

For example, if you select Chinese as the interface language, the search query and the results are not translated.


Selecting a Search Language

For information on how to select Chinese (Simplified) or English as the search language, see Selecting a Search Language. This feature allows you to create search queries and view results in Chinese or English.


Language Field

The Language field refers to the language in which the source document was published.


Search Language

For more information about selecting a search language, see Search Language under the Adjust Your Search Settings section of the Search page.