Inspec Classification Details

The Inspec Classification arranges the subjects covered by Inspec hierarchically and assigns a code to each subject. Use classification codes to search the Classification field of Inspec records. You can also use classification headings to search the Topic field.

About Classification Codes

Inspec Classification codes represent subjects addressed by source documents. Every code has a text heading. Every record in the Inspec product has at least one classification code.

Be aware that a search for a higher level code will not automatically retrieve records indexed with codes subordinate to it. For example, searching for A8200 (Physical chemistry) will not automatically retrieve records that contain A8220 (Chemical kinetics).

Format of Classification Codes

The format consists of SNNNNX, where:

S is the Section Letter A, B, C, or D;

A - Physics
B - Electrical and Electronic Engineering
C - Computers and Control
D - Information Technology

NNNN are numerics; and

X is an optional uppercase alphabetic character, generally used for 5th level items.


Classification Details

Code and Title

Contains the classification code and title. For example: B1305 Microwave materials


Future Scope Note

Contains information about the classification code or codes that were subsequently used for the classification of this subject area after the demise of this code. These notes only exists for deleted classification codes.


History Scope Notes

Contains historical information about the classification. If this field is not present, then the classification title describes this subject from the start of the database in 1969. If the field is present, the first subfield contains the date from which the code describes the subject. Subsequent subfields each contain a range of dates and a classification code that was appropriate for that subject between those dates.


Scope Note

Contains the scope notes. When present, a scope note amplifies the classification title and helps specify the subject area covered by the classification code. For example: Includes Metamaterials is a scope note for B1305 Microwave materials.


See Also Cross Reference

Contains references to other classes. For example:

See Also Cross Reference: see also B2520... Semiconductor materials, B2810... Dielectric materials, B3110...Magnetic materials, B3220... Superconducting materials


See Cross Reference

Contains references to other classes that are used instead of the present class to cover the aspects mentioned. For example:

See Cross Reference:  for dielectric materials, see also B2810..., B2830...
                                    for display materials, see also B7260B
                                    for magnetic materials, see also B3110...



Shows whether the term is still currently in use. If currently in use, then the field does not display. If not in use, the field display the word "Discontinued" followed by the year the last record was indexed using the term. For example: Discontinued 1998


About Scope Notes

Most scope notes include guidelines for using supplementary or alternative codes in your search, depending on what information you're after. For example, B1305 Microwave materials contains a Scope Note, a See Also Cross-reference Note, and a History Scope Note.

Scope Note: includes metamaterials

See Also Cross Reference: see also B2520... Semiconductor materials, B2810... Dielectric materials, B3110...Magnetic materials, B3220... Superconducting materials

History Scope Notes: 1999-