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If you're a member of Publons, sign in by typing your Publons email address and a valid password.

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If you're not a member of Publons, register by typing a valid email address. We use this email as your contact email address, and you use it to access Publons. We keep your email information confidential.

Note: If you're registered with Web of Science or EndNote, you can use the same username and password to sign into Publons.


Publons Features

Publons is a profile used by researchers in the scholarly research community to claim, manage, and showcase their work. This includes:

  • Claiming their publications in the Web of Science
  • Managing and showing their full publication history 
  • Tracking their Web of Science Core Collection times cited counts and h-index 
  • Tracking their peer review history and editorial board memberships for scholarly journals
  • Identifying potential collaborators
  • Helping avoid author misidentification 


About Passwords

If you are registering for the first time, then you must create a password to access your account. The password cannot match your user name (e-mail addresss). A password cannot match any of your four previous passwords.

A password must be eight or more characters in length. It must have at least one number, one alphabetic character, and one special character such as:

  • Exclamation ( ! )
  • At sign ( @ )
  • Pound ( # )
  • Dollar ( $ )
  • Percent ( % )
  • Carat ( ^ )
  • Asterisk ( * )
  • Left and right brackets ( )
  • Tilde ( ~ )
  • Bar ( | )
  • Backslash ( \ )
  • and other special characters

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