Searching the Conference Field

The Conference field allows you to search the Conference Information field within a record for conference proceedings papers.

The system retrieves all records from 1973 to the present that includes a conference title. In some older records, the system may retrieve records if conference information appears in the Supplementary Information field.


Enter one or more terms connected with search operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR). Enter complete words and phrases or partial words and phrases using wildcards (* $ ?).


Conference Search Examples

  • Environmental Protection Agency OR EPA

  • Atomic Energy Agency AND United Nations

  • United Kingdom AND Environmental Law Association

  • American Association of Bovine Practitioners AND Thirty-Eighth Annual Convention* AND Salt Lake City

  • 6th Workshop on Biosensor* AND Rome Italy


Search Tip

If you are looking for a particular proceedings paper, you might do a search by Conference and Topic or by Conference and Author.

TOPIC: Bovine Vir* Diarrhea
CONFERENCE: American Association of Bovine Practitioners AND Salt Lake City

AUTHOR: Morely P
CONFERENCE: International Society for Veterinary*