Searching the Document Type Field

When you limit a search by document type, you retrieve only those records that contain the search term(s) you entered in the search fields and the document type(s) you selected from the list.

A search by document type should be combined with a search by another field such as Topic or Author.


  • All Document Types
  • Repository
  • Data Study
  • Data Set
  • Software



A database or collection of records that stores and provides access to the data from Data Studies and Data Sets.

The records in the Data Citation Index provide access to the material held in repositories. Repositories can be a citable object in the literature and many have cited and citing references attached in their metadata.

Example: Interuniversity Consortium for Political & Social Research (ICPSR).


Data Study

A description of studies or experiments held in repositories with the associated data used in the data study. These are linked to a repository and may optionally link to Data Set records relating to the more granular data files. Data Studies can be a citable object in the literature and may have cited references attached in their metadata together with information on such aspects as the principal investigators, funding information, subject terms, geographic coverage, and other data.

Examples of Data Studies include:

  • Digital sky surveys in physics
  • Population census in the social sciences
  • Sea surface temperatures used in monitoring climate change
  • Cultural artifacts found at archaeological sites
  • And more ...

Example: Murder Cases in 33 Large Urban Counties in the United States, 1988


Data Set

A single or coherent set of data (or a data file) provided by the repository as part of a collection, data study, or experiment. These can be of multiple file formats such as spreadsheet, video, and audio. Data sets may have cited references or can be citable, but more commonly they inherit metadata of the overall study.

Example: Incident data



A computer program or package in source code or compiled form, which can be installed on another machine and used to support & analyse research. These can be of multiple file formats and include: operating systems, specific packages, sub-routines, queries, files, libraries, scripts, service end-points, configurations, parameters or workflows, redistributed software & software tools (SAAS - software as a service).

Example: N-back task code (d prime version for probing 3-back)


Metadata Records

Records in the Data Citation Index includes metadata such as:

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Source
  • Abstract
  • Year
  • Article number
  • DOI
  • Country
  • And more ...


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