Web of Science Core Collection -- Book Citation Indexes

The Book Citation Index allows you to search for books (series and non-series) and book chapters using all of the fields and features available in Web of Science Core Collection. You must have a subscription to one or both indexes to search for books and book chapters. The citation indexes include:

  • Book Citation Index– Science (BKCI-S) -- 2005-present
  • Book Citation Index– Social Sciences & Humanities (BKCI-SSH) -- 2005-present

The following features are available when searching for books and book chapters.

  • View unified citation counts captured for books and book chapters for Citing Articles, Cited References, Related Records, and Shared Records for all available years.

  • View unified citation counts provided to book sources from journal articles and conference-proceedings that cite books and book chapters and vice-versa.

  • Search for records of journal articles, conference proceedings, books, and book chapters that have cited a previously published book by using Cited Reference Search.

  • View complete bibliographic information captured and displayed from the Full Record page. Book records are indexed as Article and Book document types. Book chapters are indexed as Article and Book Chapter.

  • Access full text links for books and book chapters from both the Results and Full Record pages based on your subscription coverage.

  • Navigate between structured search results so that book chapters are linked to books (Book Chapter Count field) and books are linked to corresponding book chapters (Source field) from the Full Record.

  • Create Citation Reports that provide aggregate citation statistics for a set of books and book chapters that include the total number of citations to a record and the average number of times a book or book chapter has been cited.

  • Analyze your results by grouping and ranking book and book chapter records in a set of results by Book Series Titles.

  • Search for records of books and book chapters by restricting your search to Book and Book Chapter document types by using Search and Advanced Search.

  • Refine your results and rank book and book chapter records by Book, Book Chapter, or Book Series Titles.

  • Create Citation Maps and view a graphical representation that shows the citation relationships (cited references and citing articles) between a book and other works (articles, conference proceedings, and books) using various visualization tools and techniques.

  • Add book and book chapter records to your Marked List and later print, save, e-mail, order, or export them from the Marked List page. Create customized book and book chapter Citation Reports from your marked list.

  • View complete source information captured and displayed from the Results page that includes book authors, editors, title, book series, publication date, and more.


Book Citation Index

The Book Citation Index includes the published scholarly literature of books and book chapters selected by our editorial staff.

Book citations are seamlessly integrated with other citation indexes in the Web of Science platform to provide a complete citation count of an author's published work. These citations are included in the overall citation count of a published work. Use these indexes to track who is citing your published works and the published works of your peers.

Note: Textbooks, Encyclopedias, Reference Books are not included in the Book Citation Index.