CABICODES are classification codes that indicate the broad subject areas addressed by source documents. Every record in CABI has at least one CABICODE.

A CABICODE consists of two letters followed by three numbers. Every code has a name. For example, the name for code JJ200 is Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy.

The 340+ CABICODES are arranged hierarchically into 23 broad groups. Each broad group begins with a top-level code that ends in two zeroes.

Be aware that searching by a higher level code will not automatically retrieve records that have subordinate codes. For example, a search by FF000 will not retrieve records that contain FF003 (unless the record contains both FF000 and FF003).

If you want to find all records that deal with Plant Science, which is the name for the high-level code FF000, then use truncation. For example, FF* finds all records that have a CABICODE beginning with the letters FF.


About Scope Notes

Click Scope Notes icon to view the scope notes for a CABICODE.

Most scope notes include guidelines for using supplementary or alternative CABICODES in your search, depending on the information you need. For example, the scope notes for JJ900 Soil Management mentions that PP300 should be used for Land Management with code JJ900 in the search.