Searching the CAS Registry Number Field

A CAS Registry Number® is a unique numeric identifier assigned to a chemical substance in the CAS Registry database.

Enter one or more numbers connected with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). Enter complete numbers or partial numbers using wildcards (* $ ?).


CAS Registry Search Examples

  • 14797-55-8 searches for nitrate.

  • 9027-23-0 searches for ribulose-biphosphate carboxylase.

  • 10102-43-9 searches for nitric oxide.

  • 458-37-7 AND 10102-43-9 searches for nitric oxide and curcumin where both are present.

  • 458-37-7 OR 10102-43-9 searches for records containing either or both numbers

  • 458-37-7 NOT 10102-43-9 searches for records that contain 458-37-7 but not 10102-43-9.

  • 458* searches for records that begin with the number 458 such as 458-24-2 and 458-37-7.


Did You Know ...

In CABI, a Registry Number is automatically assigned to this field if the record has been indexed with a chemical term from the Descriptors field, which has an associated Registry Number.