Searching the Group Author Field

Searches the Group Author(s) field within a record.

Enter one or more names connected with search operators (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR). Enter complete names or partial names using wildcards (* $ ?). Want to know more?


Group Author Search Examples

Food & Agriculture Organization finds records of articles published by this organization.

National* finds records of articles published by organizations that begin with the word National such as:

  • National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  • National Center for Infectious Diseases
  • National Confectioners Association

Japan* finds records of articles published by any Japanese company with the name Japan or Japanese in the corporate name such as:

  • Japan Water Works Association
  • Japanese Agricultural Standards Association
  • Japanese Industrial Standards Committee


Search Tip

Try searching on variations of a corporate/institution name. For example, enter:

USDA OR United States Department of Agriculture

to search for records by this agency.


About Group Names

Group names (for example, corporation and institution names) are captured as given in the source material except that an ampersand (&) is substituted for "and" in English language names.

Also, no comma is used between the company name and abbreviations such as Inc. and Ltd. Japanese companies also appear as they do in the source material.