Searching the Author Field

Enter author names to search the Author(s) field within a record. The product searches both English- and Chinese-named authors.

All author names provided by the source publication are included in product records, and they are searchable. A source author name consists of a surname (last name) and up to five initials.


Guidelines for Searching Names

Enter the family name followed by the given name.

  • 张兴 finds 张兴.

  • 张兴祥 finds 张兴祥.

  • Yang Tao finds Yang Tao.

  • ZHAO Ling finds ZHAO Ling, ZHAO Ling-ling, ZHAO Ling-Ping.

  • Zhou Bin* finds Zhou Bin, Zhou Bing, Zhou Bingru.

  • Wang K* finds Wang Kang, Wang Kaisong, Wang Kehong.


Boolean Search Operators

Separate two or more names by the search operators AND, OR, and NOT.

  • Li Jun AND Zhang Gan finds records of articles authored by both Li Jun and Zhang Gan .

  • Li Jun OR Zhang Gan finds records of articles authored by either Li Jun or Zhang Gan (or both Li Jun and Zhang Gan).

  • Li Jun NOT Zhang Gan finds records in which Li Jun appears but not Zhang Gan.

Mixed Language Searches

If you want to search for a Chinese name and an English name in the one search:

  1. Enter one of the names in the search box. Select Author as the search field.

  2. Click Add another field. Enter the other name in the search box. Select Author as the search field.

  3. Select the appropriate operator (AND, OR, NOT) from the menu of operators.

  4. Click Search.

As an alternative, go to Advanced Search and enter a query that prefaces each name with the field tag AU. For example: AU=郭俊 OR AU=Guo Jun


Searching for Authors Using Analyze Results

To narrow your search to authors (or inventors) of specific types of published papers (for example, nature articles), use the Analyze Results function.

  1. From the Results page, click the Analyze Results link.

  2. From the Analyze Results page, rank the records by the Source Title field.

  3. Select records to view or select records to exclude.

  4. Go to the Results page to analyze your results.


About Author / Editor Search Examples

The names that we use in the search examples may or may not exist in your product's database. They are simply names that we use to show how you should format your search queries. For example, you may find some example names in Web of Science Core Collection but not in other product databases.


Author Search Tip

To restrict the results of your search, combine an Author search with another field such as Topic, Title, or Address.


Author Names (Booleans)

To search on a name that resembles a Boolean (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR, and SAME), enclose the name in quotation marks. Example: "Or"