Sign In / Registration (ResearcherID)

Sign In

If you are a member of ResearcherID, log in by entering your ResearcherID e-mail address along with a valid password to go to a confirmation page informing you that your records are being added to your ResearcherID account.

Register with ResearcherID

If you are not a member of ResearcherID, you can now register by entering a valid e-mail address. This is the e-mail address that you will use (along with a valid password) when you access ResearcherID. ResearcherID will use this e-mail address whenever we need to contact you. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential.

Note: If you have registered with Web of Science, then we recommend that you use this e-mail address when you register with ResearcherID.


ResearcherID Features

At, you can:

  • Update your biographical (Profile) information at anytime.

  • Build your "My Publications" list by uploading works that you authored from any product database in Web of Science including the Author Search function in Web of Science Core Collection.

  • Manage your publication list with EndNote.

  • Control whether your Profile is public or private, much like people do on Facebook and other Web sites.

  • View citation metrics for items found in Web of Science Core.

  • Search the registry to find collaborators, review publication lists, and explore how research is used around the world.

  • Designate an administrator at your institution to update your ResearcherID publication list.


About Passwords

If you are registering for the first time, then you must create a password to access your account. The password cannot match your user name (e-mail addresss). A password cannot match any of your four previous passwords.

A password must be eight or more characters in length. It must have at least one number, one alphabetic character, and one special character such as:

  • Exclamation ( ! )
  • At sign ( @ )
  • Pound ( # )
  • Dollar ( $ )
  • Percent ( % )
  • Carat ( ^ )
  • Asterisk ( * )
  • Left and right brackets ( )
  • Tilde ( ~ )
  • Bar ( | )
  • Backslash ( \ )
  • and other special characters


Designating Administrator Access

An administrator is an individual with a ResearcherID account who is associated with an organization or institution. The designated person can perform administrative activities within ResearcherID and utilize the ResearcherID upload web service. An administrator may be granted proxy access to the ResearcherID accounts of other researchers at your institution in order to manage and update their accounts.

For information on how to become an administrator for ResearcherID, refer to the FAQ How Do I get Access to Researcher ID Upload.