Addresses (地址)
Bibliography (書目)
Biography (傳記)
Case Reports (案例報告)
Classical Article [for republished seminal articles] (經典文章 [適用於再版的研討會文章])
Clinical Conference [for reports of clinical case conferences only] (臨床研討會 [僅適用於臨床案例研討會的報告])
Clinical Trial [includes all types and phases of clinical trials] (臨床試驗 [包括臨床試驗的所有類型和階段])
Clinical Trial Phase I (臨床試驗第一期)
Clinical Trial Phase II (臨床試驗第二期)
Clinical Trial Phase III (臨床試驗第三期)
Clinical Trial Phase IV (臨床試驗第四期)
Comment [for comment on previously published article] (評論 [適用於對過去所出版文章的評論])
Comparative Study (比較研究)
Congresses (代表大會)
Consensus Development Conference (發展共識研討會)
Consensus Development Conference, NIH (發展共識研討會, NIH)
Controlled Clinical Trial (對照臨床試驗)
Corrected and Republished Article [consider Published Erratum] (已修正和再版文章 [將已出版的勘誤納入考慮])
Dictionary (字典)
Directory (目錄)
Duplicate Publication [duplication of material published elsewhere] (重複出版品 [與其他處出版的資料重複])
Editorial (編輯的話)
English Abstract (英文摘要)
Evaluation Studies (評估研究)
Festschrift [for commemorative articles] (紀念論文集 [適用於紀念性文章])
Government Publications (政府出版品)
Guideline [for administrative, procedural guidelines in general] (指南 [適用於一般性管理程序指南])
Historical Article [for articles about past events] (歷史文章 [適用於有關過去事件的文章])
In Vitro (試管實驗)
Interactive Tutorial (互動教學)
Interview (訪談)
Introductory Journal Article (介紹性期刊文章)
Journal Article [excludes Letter, Editorial, News, etc.] (期刊文章 [不包括信函、編輯的話、新聞等)
Lectures (演講)
Legal Cases [includes law review, legal case study] (法律案例 [包括法律回顧、法律案例研究])
Legislation (法規)
Letter [includes letters to editor] (信函 [包括給編輯的信函])
Meta-Analysis [quantitative summary combining results of independent studies] (統合分析 [融入獨立研究結果的量化摘要])
Multicenter Study (跨多個中心的研究)
News [for medical or scientific news] (新聞 [適用於醫學或科學新聞])
Newspaper Article (報紙文章)
Overall [collection of articles; consider Meeting Report] (全體 [文章合輯;將會議報告納入考慮])
Patient Education Handout (病患教育傳單)
Periodical Index [for cumulated indexes to journals] (期刊索引 [適用於期刊累積的索引])
Practice Guideline [for specific health care guidelines] (實務指南 [適用於特定健康照護指南])
Portraits (肖像)
Published Erratum [consider Corrected and Republished Article] (已出版的勘誤 [將已修正和再版納入考慮])
Randomized Controlled Trial (隨機對照試驗)
Research Support American Recovery (研究支持美國復甦)
Research Support NIH Extramural (研究支持 NIH 院外)
Research Support NIH Intramural (研究支持 NIH 院內)
Research Support Non U S Gov T (研究支持非美國政府 T)
Research Support U S Gov T Non P H S (研究支持美國政府 T 非 P H S)
Research Support U S Gov T P H S (研究支持美國政府 T P H S)
Retracted Publication [article later retracted by author] (撤回的出版品 [後來被作者撤回的文章])
Retraction of Publication [author's statement of retraction] (出版品撤回 [作者的撤回聲明])
Review [includes all reviews; consider specific types] (回顧 [包括所有回顧;將特定類型納入考慮])
Scientific Integrity Review [U.S. Office of Scientific Integrity reports] (科學操守回顧 [美國科學操守室報告])
Technical Report (技術報告)
Twin Study [for studies of twins] (雙胞胎研究 [適用於雙胞胎的研究])
Validation Studies (驗證研究)
Webcasts (網路廣播)




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