Cited Reference Search Example

Follow these steps to find articles that have cited Brown, M.E. and Calvin, W.M. Evidence for crystalline water and ammonia ices on Pluto's satellite Charon. Science. 287 (5450): 107-109. January 7, 2000:

  1. On the Cited Reference Search page, enter Brown M* in the Cited Author field.

  2. Enter Science* in the Cited Work field.

  3. Click Search to go to the Cited Reference Search page.

  4. Page through the results to find this reference:

BROWN ME   SCIENCE   2000   287   107   43   View Record
  1. If you want to see the Full Record for this cited item, click the View Record link.

  2. Select the check box to the left of the reference.

  3. Click the Finish Search button to go to the Cited Reference Search Results page to see the list of articles that cite the article by Brown and Calvin.


Search Tips
  • Enter the name of the first author of a multi-authored article or book

  • Enter an abbreviated journal title followed by an asterisk or the first one or two significant words of a book title followed by an asterisk.

  • Try searching for the cited reference without entering a cited year in order to retrieve variations of the same cited reference. You can always return to the Cited Reference Search page and enter a cited year if you get too many references.


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