More Settings

This section of the search page shows you the database you are searching and the date of the last update. In addition, you can:

  • Select ON or OFF for the Auto-Suggest Publication Names feature.
  • Select the default number of search fields (1 to 3 fields) to display on the Search page.
  • Save the selected settings (you must sign in to save your settings).


Auto-Suggest Publication Names

This feature helps you quickly find publications by displaying journal names that may be similar to the one that you are typing. Use this feature to find a specific journal or to find related journal names as you type.

  • Selecting the ON option enables auto-suggestion. Up to 10 suggestions will appear in the Publication Name field when you type 3 characters without beginning spaces. The list automatically updates as you type more than 3 characters. Multiple consecutive spaces are treated as a single one. The default option is ON.

  • Selecting the OFF option disables auto-suggestion. No suggestions will appear when you search for a publication name.

Search suggestions are based on your organization's subscription. The selected journal name does not always guarantee that the system finds records because the search timespan you select may filter out qualified articles.

Did You Know ... You can temporarily hide auto-suggestion by pressing the Esc key as you type a publication name in the field?


Did You Know ...

The default timespan selection is All Years, which includes "all years" in your current subscription


Did You Also Know ...

Settings are remembered by the system during a search session. They are also remembered in future sessions, but only if you are a registered user, signed in, and save your settings.