Searching the Meeting Information Field

Enter Meeting Information terms to search the following Meeting Information fields within a record.

  • Meeting title
  • Meeting location
  • Meeting sponsor
  • Meeting dates

Often, just a few words connected by AND is enough to search for a particular meeting. For example, to find records of papers from the Sixty-seventh Annual Meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan, Sapporo, Japan, September 18-20, 1996, you could enter either:

Zoological AND Japan AND Sapporo AND 1996
Zoological AND Japan AND 1996

If you are looking for a particular proceedings paper, you might combine a Meeting Information search with a Topic or Author search. For example:

Topic: silkworm
Meeting Information: Sapporo AND 1996
Author: Ono S
Meeting Information: Zoological AND 1996

Caution ...

Use AND to combine terms that you want to find in the same record. Do not use the SAME operator.