Searching the Cited Work List

The Cited Work List is an index of all abbreviated journal titles and other publication titles that appear in cited references.

You can search the list in two ways using the Browse or Move To option.

Note: Only titles in Latin script appear on the list.


Browse Option

Click a letter (A-Z) to browse through a list of items alphabetically. This feature is useful if you do not know the correct spelling of an item.


Move To Option

  1. Enter a name or the first few characters of a name in the Move To text field. You may truncate, but you must enter at least two characters before the wildcard, for example, Ps*

  2. Click the Move To button to go to a list of names that begin with the characters that you entered. For example, if you enter cell as the search term, the product finds every item in the index that begins with this word in the title of a journal.

  3. Click the Add button to select a name from the list. The selected title is added to the text box at the bottom of the page.

  4. Click OK to transfer the selected title(s) to the Cited Work field on the Cited Reference Search page.



The selected timespan appears in the right-hand corner of the page. The index contains all searchable items (and a record count) for this timespan.