Searching the Publication Name Field

Enter a publication name to search the Source field within a record.


Enter a full or partial publication name followed by a wildcard (* ? $). For example: Cell Biology* finds:

  • Cell Biology International
  • Cell Biology International Reports
  • Cell Biology Research Progress

Enclose journal titles in quotation marks ( " " ) to find the exact named journal title. For example, "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry" only returns records of articles published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Use the OR Boolean operator to find records of articles published in any of the specified publications. For example, "Forensic Toxicology" OR "Drug Testing and Analysis" finds records of articles published in either Forensic Toxicology or Drug Testing and Analysis.


Auto-Suggest Publication Name

You can quickly find a specific journal (or find similar journal names that may be valuable to your research) if you set Auto-Suggest Publication Names to ON under the Modify Settings section of the search page. The product displays up to 10 suggestions as you type at least 3 characters without beginning spaces. The list automatically updates as you type more than 3 characters.

Type GENE in the Publication Name field to see publications such as:

  • gene
  • gene amsterdam
  • gene expression omnibus
  • and more ...

Type GENE THERAPY in the Publication Name field to see:

  • gene therapy
  • gene therapy and gene delivery systems
  • gene therapy and molecular biology
  • and more ...

You can temporarily hide auto-suggestion by pressing the Esc key as you type characters in the Publication Name field.

Search suggestions are based on your organization's subscription. The selected journal name does not always guarantee that the system finds records because the search timespan you select may filter out qualified articles.


Modify Settings: Auto-Suggest Publication Names (Caution)

Selecting the Chinese language as the search language in All Databases or the Chinese Science Citation Database automatically turns off the auto suggestion setting in all silo product databases in Web of Science. The OFF option will actually appear in the Auto-Suggest Publication Names box in all product.

To turn back on the auto suggestion feature, you must first select English or Auto Select as the search language in Modify Settings. Next, you must set the Auto-Suggest feature to ON. Once this happens, the ON option will appear in the Auto-Suggest box in all product databases.

You can go to Web of Science Core Collection and other product databases and manually turn on Auto-Suggestions.


Booleans in Source Titles

Searching for journal titles that contain the OR Boolean is acceptable with Auto-Suggest Publication Name turned ON or OFF.



Many journal names contain an ampersand (&) in the title. The product returns the same number of records whether you enter the ampersand or not. For example:

  • Entering Past Present is the same as entering Past & Present and returns the same number of records.

  • Entering Language History is the same as entering Language & History and returns the same number of records.

  • Entering Science Education is the same as entering Science & Education and returns the same number of records.

However, journal titles in the Publication Name Index do not contain the ampersand. For example, the journal called Science & Education appears in the Index as Science Education.


Publication Name Search Examples

  • Food Technology finds records of articles published in Food Technology.

  • Journal of Food Protection OR Journal of Food Science finds records of articles published in these two journals.

  • Journal of Food* finds records of articles published in Journal of Food Protection, Journal of Food Science, and Journal of Food Engineering.

  • *Medical* finds records of articles published in Biomedical Materials, Chinese Medical Journal, Journal of Medical Systems and other titles that precede and follow the text string *Medical*.


Publication Name Index

Use the Publication Name Index to view a list of titles that you can add to your query. Using the index allows you to locate the preferred titles to add to your search.


About Publication Names

Always search on the title of a book or journal. Do not search on its subtitle because a search on the subtitle may not produce results. The title and the subtitle are separated by a hyphen (-) in the title name.