Derwent Innovations Index Field Tags (Compounds)

These field tags identify fields in records that you e-mail or save to a file. The data associated with compounds are identified by field names in an SD file. The field names are enclosed in angle brackets.


No Label

Connection Table

No Label


Preferred Name


Synonym Names


Systematic Name


Derwent Chemistry Resource Number


Substance Descriptor


Structure Description


Standardized Molecular Formula


Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Structure Segment Ring Index Number


Specific Compound Number


Structure Segment Derwent Registry Number


End of Record


Default Output Fields
  • Compound Names
  • DCR Number
  • Connection Table (Save and E-Mail only)
  • Image (Print only)

Note: Including the image increases processing time.


About the SD File

You can save and e-mail compounds to an SD file. An SD file (structure-data file) contains the compound's connection table, along with associated data.