Document Types

Below is a list of all document types available when you perform an All Databases search and refine the results by the Document Types selection from the Results page.



Document Type



An overview or summary of research submitted to or presented at a meeting.

Art and Literature

An original work of fiction, music, poetry, or a script.


A published research paper.


A listing of publications typically devoted to a particular topic, author, or time period


An article or publication, usually containing a bibliography, on the life and works of an individual.


A monograph or publication written on a specific topic.

Case Report

A description of the presentation, diagnosis and treatment of a patient.

Clinical Trial

A study performed on patients to test the safety and efficacy of medical procedures.


A second citation of an article or publication for the purpose of correcting an error.

Data Paper

A scholarly publication describing a particular dataset or collection of datasets and usually published in the form of a peer-reviewed article in a scholarly journal. The main purpose of a data paper is to provide facts about the data (metadata, such as data collection, access, features etc) rather than analysis and research in support of the data, as found in a conventional research article.

Data Set

A single or coherent set of data (or a data file) provided by the repository as part of a collection, data study, or experiment. These can be of multiple file formats such as spreadsheet, video, and audio.

Data Study

A description of studies or experiments held in repositories with the associated data used in the data study. These are linked to a repository and may optionally link to Data Set records relating to the more granular data files.


An authored viewpoint on a topic.  It includes discussions, commentary and opinion pieces.

Government Publication

A publication produced by national, state, or local government. 


A proposed or enacted law.


Usually an informal, unsolicited, brief notation submitted to a journal concerning a specific finding or commenting on a previously published item in that journal.


A collection of papers or abstracts from a meeting or symposium.


An item that reports recent events or developments.


A uniquely numbered legal, technical description of an invention which secures exclusive rights to its assignees.

Reference Material

Source of collected information to aid in research.


A publication describing the process, progress, or results of research.


A database or collection of records that stores and provides access to the data from Data Studies and Data Sets.

Retracted Publication

An article that has been withdrawn by an author, institution, editor, or a publisher because of errors or unsubstantiated data.


A public notice that an article should be be withdrawn because of errors or unsubstantiated data.


A renewed study or survey of previously published literature providing new analysis or summarization of the research topic.


A publication of established guidelines for a given biomedical subject area created by an accepted authority such as a committee, society, or government agency.


Formal research document written to qualify for an academic degree.


Used when none of the above document types apply.


Did You Know ...

The original document type still appears in the Full Record of a product database? This list of document types is used only to refine the results of an All Databases search. For example, the Document Type field of a Full Record in Web of Science Core Collection may list Proceedings Paper as the original document type.